Kiki Polo is a photographer in Los Angeles, California specializing in Social Media Content, Lifestyle, Portraits, Events, Nature and Travel Photography.

Since the age of seven, I have been fascinated with taking pictures, capturing memories, or telling a story through my art. It was only inevitable that photography would become not only a passion of mine but an eventual profession as well. After all, my earliest memories consist of my mother, camera in hand, photographing and capturing the world around her, including her children and playing with various filters and taking us often to the camera store to check out the latest products. Photography and taking photos is not only a passion, but the love of photographing our lives extends back four generations, so let’s just say, it’s in the genes.

Through my extensive years as a photographer, I have gained ample experience shooting many different types of photography. I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Art with a major in Art and a minor in Photography. After many years handling finances for multi-million dollar companies, I knew one day I would return to what I really love to do ~ capturing people and the world around me.

I like to photograph people, lifestyles, events, nature and landscapes ~ anything that will capture a memory, tell a story, ignite a feeling, or just show the beauty in art and design. I’m also an active cyclist that loves to pull out my iPhone and have my GoPro handy to capture the beauty that I see all around Los Angeles and Southern California. 

I am based in West Los Angeles, so if you are looking for a photographer in Southern California or beyond (I love to travel), please reach out and email me. Let’s discuss your needs.

KIKI POLO PHOTOGRAPHY | Photographer | Los Angeles, CA